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We need to educate as many people as possible as to the benefits of organ donation. To do this we need to be proactive. Have the conversations. Talk to people. It’s up to you to spread the message that we need change.

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Currently there is much confusion over which petition to sign for a change in the law to presumed consent in the UK.

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There are over 6000peope waiting for organ tranplants

An organ transplant. Almost 49,000 people in the UK have endured the wait for an organ transplant in the last 10 years and over 6,000, including 270 children, have died before receiving the transplant they desperately needed.

I’m alive thanks to a liver transplant

The Custard Dare & Facing Your Fears

Yesterday I launched my ‘Custard Dare’ video on YouTube. Having a bucket of custard tipped over my head was not something I ever imagined happening to me, especially as I am slightly OCD when it comes to cleanliness. However, the dare was made and I suddenly realised that me facing my fears was, in fact, a chance for others to think about facing their fears too.

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Today was a tough day

Today was hard. Some days just are. You struggle to find optimism in a world which should be full of hope and positivity. Despite The Daily Mirror setting up its own petition, Corbyn, and Tim Farron before his resignation have all given their support to a change in...

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Things are changing!

I write this in a state of excitement as Scotland has agreed to change their law to presumed consent, which means that now it is only the UK which doesn’t have the opt-in system.

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