Moonpig have gone above and beyond this Valentine’s day by providing those waiting on the organ donation waiting list with V

alentines Cards with organ donation puns, for them to send to people to stimulate the conversation about organ donation. These cards are there to tell the recipient that the sender has joined the organ donor register and are totally free except for a 65p donation to the Transplant Sport Charity.

This is what their website said:

“This Valentine’s, let your loved one know that you’re pledging your heart… to a complete stranger with one of our exclusive free cards.

Whether it’s your heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, or even your corneas… donating your best bits can save or improve someone else’s life. But organ donation doesn’t go ahead without a family’s support, regardless of whether you’ve signed up to the NHS Organ Donor Register. That’s why you need to share with your loved ones what should happen, if something happens to you.

As conversation starters go, it’s a bit of an odd one, so we’ve teamed up with NHS Blood and Transplant to create this exclusive range of cards – designed to get the conversation going.

Our aim is to kick-start 6,400 conversations – one for every person in the UK on the waiting list for an organ transplant.

The cards contain everything you need to get organ-ised: the facts, the stats and your very own NHS Organ Donor Card, with a few simple steps on how to register it.

Better still, the cards are FREE, with the 65p postage cost donated straight to Transplant Sport UK.

So go on, give a heart – or something else. And why not kick-start that conversation online too #CardsSaveLives.”

In the US the 14th of February is National Organ Donor Day (also known as National Organ Donor Day) is a day to increase awareness about organ donation and the lives that can be saved. In the United States, more than 120,000 people are waiting for a life-saving organ donation.

I mistakenly thought tomorrow might be Organ Donor Awareness Day in the UK, but looks like I got that wrong as I then found a listing saying it wasn’t until September! Oops! But hey, I can’t wait until September to draw attention to this important subject so I took myself down to good old Waitrose and bought a chocolate heart so I could do a Facebook video encouraging people to give their hearts, quite literally this year. (Any excuse to eat chocolate!)

How will you be celebrating the day of love tomorrow? Do send me a message and let me know!