Organ donation consultation –Closes at 11.59pm on 6 March 2018
The government plans to change the organ donation system to an ‘opt-out’ system in the UK. They want to find out what people think of how the changes should be made.
This is a huge step forward but we need as many people as possible to put forward their views. Please take a moment to take part, the site isn’t that easy to find so I have posted a link here.
I and thousands of others are only alive due to the generosity of our donors and their families.

Presumed consent is alternatively known as an ‘opt-out’ system and means that unless the deceased has expressed a wish in life not to be an organ donor then consent will be assumed.

This does not mean that family will not be consulted, and it is the work of the coordinators in hospitals who have a vital role in the increase in organ donations around the world.

To one individual who said they didn’t want the government to own the individual’s body, I answered with this: have answered with this:

“At no point does your body not belong to you. Even after death. The choices associated with it are yours and then your families, so it is important to have the conversations now about the what ifs so that they can be prepared for any eventuality.

If you decide to become a donor you are giving the possibility of the ‘gift of life’ to a stranger. Doctors aren’t organ snatchers. We are looking for the generosity of the individual and if the family aren’t happy nothing happens. Currently, we have a large number of people including children in the UK who need organs but there is a shortage. A change in the law wouldn’t change this situation overnight as success stories as in Spain are based on changes to the medical bodies industries internal structure with an increase in coordinators and doctors.”

Over the years there have been several petitions but no change in the law. With Wales showing improved figures since their law change to presumed consent it’s time to reconsider what is stopping this passing as law and maintain pressure on the government to listen to us.