Today was hard. Some days just are. You struggle to find optimism in a world which should be full of hope and positivity.

Despite The Daily Mirror setting up its own petition, Corbyn, and Tim Farron before his resignation have all given their support to a change in the UK law to presumed consent. Jeremy Hunt has even gone so far as to say it ‘has merit’. So why no decisive move?

Today Jenni Wyatt a transplant receiver was featured on Radio One Newsbeat. I truly hope that many people who had never thought about joining the donor register listened and went home to sign it. Every signature shows support for ‘our’ campaign to change things.

We can’t cure cancer.

We can’t avoid death.

But we can save lives with organ transplants.

When will the government see sense?

Home made lasagna. Lovely. But what I want most in the world money can’t buy and you can’t make in a kitchen.